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AQUA GUARD Water Pressure Limiter (ограничитель давления воды)

Описание товара

Cross zones of high pressure and high flow groundwater during drilling operations and still obtain good core recovery with Fordia’s AquaGuard.

When drilling operations have stopped or slowed down because of a high-pressure water inflow zone or other large amounts of water, the AquaGuard is inserted into the core barrel to allow drilling activity to resume.  The product’s valve, similar to a check valve, partially limits water from the pressurized in-flow zone, making drilling operations more efficient.

  • Permits drilling operations to continue in zones with high-pressure water inflow where core recovery would be otherwise impossible.
  • Dramatically improves working conditions and improves drill site and mine water management.
  • Can be used with all standard drilling equipment
  • In zones with high-pressure water inflow, can reduce operating time by up to 30%, increasing productivity while keeping operational costs down