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Facet assembly NW for directional wedge 9469707035
Dropper assembly NW for directional wedge 9469707036
Copper rod NW for directional wedge 3/8 X 36″ 9469707038
Facet assembly HW for directional wedge 9469707004
Dropper assembly HW for directional wedge 9469707005
Copper rod HW for directional wedge 1/2 X 36″ 9469707007
HO CB60, HERO7 9469701771
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Prism Directional Wedge

The Fordia  Directional Wedge is used for directional deflection of drill holes. This wedge is used to deflect a hole towards a specific direction, after it has been surveyed. Made of premium materials and using precision machining, the Fordia Directional Wedge is available in N and H sizes. It helps drilling teams save a tremendous amount of time by reducing the number of down the hole trips while wedging.


  • Minimize downtime by reducing the number of trips required to deflect a hole.
  • In optimal conditions, achieve a minimum deflection of 1.5 degrees.
  • Ability to set the wedge at any depth in suitable ground without any prior hole preparation.
  • Safe wedge installation du to is key way system, built directly into the wedge facet