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RECOMMENDED USE: An environmentally safe DSPA (Dry Suspended Polyacrylamide).Add to water to create a very high viscosity drilling fluid used for removal of cuttings, continuous borehole wall conditioning, in hole torque reduction and optimized core recovery. Protecting against rod wear, preventing rust and polymer build up while extending all tool life.

  • DD-XPRESS is an environmentally safe, very high molecular weight, DSPA that can be used in either fresh or brackish water.
  • DD-XPRESS imparts excellent viscosity yield. It is a superior product for borehole stabilization and encapsulation of solids.
  • DD-XPRESS is effective in drilling conditions where borehole temperatures exceed 150° F.
  • DD-XPRESS reduces transportation costs for drilling because of its concentrated nature.
  • DD-XPRESS enhances both bit-life and penetration rates during drilling operations.
  • DD-XPRESS is based on an environmentally safe technology which has proven to be effective in lubricating down-hole consumables for more than 25 years.
  • DD-XPRESS inhibits swelling of clay like materials such as saprolites, talcs & kimberlites which in turn eliminates bit balling.
  • DD-XPRESS protects drill rod wear when using wedges.
  • DD-XPRESS increases tool joint life by reducing in hole torque.

The recommended starting dose of DD-XPRESS
2-4 litres per 1000 litres of water.
2-4 quarts per 250 gallons of water.